Frequently Asked Questions

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a complex collaborative process of self discovery and awareness that can help you overcome challenges that may seem insurmountable and that may be preventing you from living a more engaged and meaningful life. It can be both exciting and difficult. The therapist is there to guide and support you during these times with respect, compassion and without judgement.

How do I know which therapist is right for me?

Having a good fit with your therapist is essential for psychotherapy to be effective.

The best way to find out if the therapist is right for you is to ask the therapist whatever it is you need to know. If you begin therapy and feel your therapist is not the right fit for you, it is your right to leave.  It may be that you have to talk to a number of therapists before you find the one who is right for you. Please visit for more information http://pacfa.org.au

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you will need depends on the nature of the issue and what your goals are for therapy. Discuss this with the therapist on your first visit. It is a good idea to contract for a certain number of sessions then review after that. You are not obliged to continue with a therapist if you decide this therapist is not a good fit for you.

How can I be certain of confidentiality?

As a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, I abide by the PACFA code of ethics and good practice, which respects the privacy of clients by preserving the confidentiality of their information.

In some very specific circumstances confidentiality may be broken if there is a threat to safety or if  required by state of federal law to report concerns to authorities. This usually relates to child abuse or a vulnerable adult.

For more information please visit http://pacfa.org.au 

Who will see my records?

All records are written in such a way as to be non-identifying. Your file is kept secure under password on my computer. This is the only record of your visit to a psychotherapist and there is no other mental health record.

As it is a requirement of PACFA membership to have clinical supervision, your case may be discussed in a general, non-identifying way with my clinical supervisor. This is normal for all professionally affiliated counsellors and psychotherapists and ensures you get the best care.

What is supervision?

Clinical supervision is important for therapists to maintain self awareness, self development and professional development. It is central to effective practice and all good therapists will have regular and ongoing clinical supervision to ensure their clients receive the best care.

How much will therapy cost me?

My fee is $120.00 per hour payable at the conclusion of each session.

Please ask me about the sliding fee scale if you are unable to manage the full fee.

I can accept payment by cash and EFT.


Can I get a health fund rebate?

In some cases I can offer a private health rebate through Medibank Private, however my fees are lower than those of psychologists who can offer rebates with a referral from your GP. In many cases your out of pocket expenses will be similar.