A basic postulate of sandplay is that deep in the unconscious, given the proper conditions, there is an autonomous tendency for the psyche to heal itself.

Estelle L. Weinrib

What is Sandplay?

Sometimes things we feel are hard to put into words. Sandplay is a fun, non-threatening yet powerful way to heal and grow when used as part of counselling and psychotherapy.

The sandplay process

Firstly in a small tray of sand I would ask you to feel and play in the sand. When you are ready you select a number of miniature objects from my collection and arrange them in the tray in any way you like. This arrangement creates a scene that usually relates to what is going on in your inner and outer worlds.

In a gentle and respectful way we then discuss what is present in the tray and what it means to you.

Difficulties you may be experiencing can become clearer as things normally held deep in the unconscious mind move into conscious awareness.

This can result in greater understanding of an issue, enable the healing process to occur and allow psychological growth to take place.